As CPAs ourselves, for years, we watched as the industry fell behind the quickly transforming economy, and we knew it was only a matter of time before a significant amount of accounting professionals would become irrelevant as the needs of clients changed.

With many brilliant thought leaders and industry experts trying to make a buzz, but gaining little traction in their pursuit, we decided that the only way to bring the profession forward, was by offering engaging, valuable, and innovative content that focused on providing accountants with the insights they need to be ready for the future.

Evolve Now was created with one purpose: to lead the accounting profession into the future.

– Founder,  Garrett Wagner, CPA

Technical accounting skills will always be taught, and professionals will receive their audit and tax updates like they always do – but with a growing need for accountants and CPAs to become valuable and relevant advisors to their clients, the content and types of skills taught needs to reflect that industry trend.

Here on Evolve Now, you’ll be able to continue growing and investing in yourself every day, by watching short daily videos, presented by the industry’s top thought leaders, on the topics that we accountants need in order to be prepared to transition or practices and progress in our careers.

We are constantly growing and working on new shows to develop, so that we can offer an exhaustive inventory of content on all professional skills that you won’t get from school, your normal CPE webinars, or your firm trainings. With the ability to listen to the audio or watch the video episode from each show series whenever you get the chance each day, you’ll find yourself becoming more knowledgeable, better prepared for the future, and a more valuable advisor to your clients. Most importantly, we aim to make our videos the most interesting and entertaining of all accounting content that exists.

We hope you will share the insights you learn with your peers in the industry by spreading your favorite videos. Together, we will break free of the box, shatter the accounting stereotypes, and usher in the evolution of accounting into the future.