Counter Point is an off-the-cuff show moderated by Rafael Casas, and features Ed Kless and AZ Zabala of Sage Accounting, as they respond, react, and comment on three talking points in an attempt to earn the most beans each episode. To keep the show as authentic and honest as possible, the three topics selected by the host Rafael, are no provided to the guests prior to the show, which gives a truly genuine response from each person on the episode. The show also brings on other prominent industry thought leaders to participate in the bean grab as well.

Topics can range and include things such as: whether a new cryptocurrency is going to be a boom or bust, if new political mandates will impact how businesses operate, what the future of tax returns might look like in an increasingly automated world, and whether intermittent fasting could be a successful diet for white collar workers. The debate-discussion and game-style nature of the show makes it one of the industry’s most entertaining series to watch. Viewers can submit topics that they’d like to see debated and discussed on the show as well.

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As a native Southern Californian, Rafael Casas is Sage’s Senior Manager for Accountant Solutions, and the host of Counter Point on Evolve Now. He has been involved with the building of service products, the designing and implementing of complex business-critical applications for SMB and Enterprise companies globally, and is the VP of Corporate Development for the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA).

Rafael has over 15 years of experience supporting accountants, bookkeepers, small businesses, and enterprise partners in their technology and business process improvement strategies around the world. His vast knowledge in bots, robotic process automation, and cloud and technology solutions allows him to provide insight into areas that those in the accounting profession lack know-how around, but which offer a major opportunity for efficiency and effectiveness improvement.

By combining his deep experience and passion as a consultant, advisory, and IT leader, with his community engagement, leadership, and content, he is helping change perspectives on how to build tech stacks and how to apply them to business. His goal has always been to build an innovative culture within the accounting profession, by finding new and fresh ways to engage with those in the industry. He has a passion to help lead and support young professionals to see how amazing the accounting professional truly can be, by showcasing the personalities, opportunities, and cultures that exist within it.