Hosted by The Rapping CPA, Drew Carrick, the Millennial Mind is a discussion-based video series about what it takes to be a modern leader of the 21st century, especially in accounting firms where leadership has fallen behind national trends. The show features prominent up and coming influencers and thought leaders in the realm of business culture, communication, and personnel development. The show tackles those topics and ideas that the millennial generation brought into the professional working world, which have now become an integral part of successful business operations, and prompts deeper thought on radical changes that we could see in the future of the profession.

Concepts such as work-life balance, work-from-home, and the triple-bottom-line have all risen to great importance throughout firms and organizations throughout all industries. With millennials now being the overwhelming majority group in the workforce, these issues cannot be ignored – in fact, they must be embraced and applied in order for businesses to succeed in the upcoming decade. Get modern leadership insights from millennials themselves, and hear what is going on inside the millennial mind, that will soon be a required part of business operations and culture.

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Millennial Mind: If You Talk the Talk, Then Walk the Walk

Attention company leaders! If you're going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk! Nothing is more frustrating to millennials than companies that are inauthentic - or in other words, those who talk a big game but don't back up anything they're...

Millennial Mind: The Remote Way of Life

LinkedIn is blowing up with conversations around remote work, and business leaders are confused as hell. Most are thinking that bringing employees back to the office will be the best for their business, and many younger employees are fighting back...

Millennial Mind: Empathy In The Workplace with Nick Nappo

Do you understand the power of empathy? We no longer live in a boomer dominated world, where you simply do what your boss tells you 'because they're your boss'. Our society, and the business world, is craving leaders that know how to empathize with...

Guest Welcome Video

For anyone who is going to be a guest on the Millennial Mind, specifically (but the same information also applies to the CPA Perspective Podcast, which is longer form, and is focused specifically on the Future of the Accounting Industry topics)...

Millennial Mind: Marketing Automation with Nick Nappo

There is little point in doing business, trying to become more successful, or making an effort to grow if you aren't going to consider marketing. Without sales, there is no business, and while there are often teams dedicated to this task, each...
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The Rapping CPA, Drew Carrick, is a modern day polymath, or jack-of-all-trades. He understands the importance of preparing for the future and having an innovators mentality towards the way the world works. His entrepreneurial mindset and business philosophy is what led him on a path toward shattering the accountant and CPA stereotypes, where he incorporated creativity and passion into his perspective on the industry.

Since creating his brand and teaming up with Evolve Now, Drew has focused on moving accounting content into the future by engaging with other influencers and thought leaders who show that CPAs can be so much more than what they are typically categorized as. He created The Rapping CPA brand after his early success of his accounting music and videos, and quickly become a spokesperson for millennials in the profession, speaking and presenting, as well as writing various publications on the topic.

When it comes to understanding a modern work culture, putting people first, gaining insight on millennials, and looking towards the future of business, Drew provides the answers. In addition to sharing millennial and business philosophy insights, those interested in developing their mindset in order to embrace these new philosophies can receive paradigm shift mentorship through his Intuition Blueprint program.