Accountants are obsessed with busy season and busy season hours, however this is not the most effective way to get things done. There comes a point along the way where working extra hours is of marginal benefit, and then it becomes detrimental because you start to be less effective and less efficient, as per the law of diminishing returns. Restoring energy will enable maximized use of hours of productivity, but accountants must come to accept this hard to swallow truth.

@TheRappingCPA discuss with founder of, Terrell Turner, CPA, why it is time to revisit the billable hours notion, and the busy season hours concept, and formulate a better way to go about optimizing and maximizing employee output. It is better to spend less hours over the entire year that are maximally productive, than to try to cram all the time into a shorter period that results in a lot of lost sleep, effectiveness, and productivity.

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