We’re here to help you create your own Dimension of Possible by tackling your toughest leadership challenges! On the show, we’ll address leadership questions from real-life accountants with real situations they’re dealing with. Hosted by two CPAs-turned-certified-leadership-coaches, Sarah Elliott and Brian Kush, Leading Possibilities focuses on what we can do to accelerate the more conscious, evolved form of leadership that our profession so desperately needs. Combined, Sarah and Brian bring 50 years of experience as both practicing CPAs and coaches, and they are here to support and challenge you to cultivate the mindset, skillset and habits you need to become a more conscious, evolved leader.

Remember, you can ask us anything by emailing info@intend2lead.com and we’ll be sure to tackle it in a future episode, so be on the lookout! A major part of evolving into the future of the accounting profession is adapting and shifting our mindset, and there’s no better place to do that than the Dimension of Possible. Sarah Elliott and Brian Kush, co-founders and principals of Intend2Lead take you on a journey, leading possibilities for the good of all.

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LP: How can I make sure I don’t repeat a tough busy season?

How should you make sure that you don’t repeat a tough busy season? It’s time to step back into the Dimension of Possible and get some answers from Intend2Lead’s Sarah Elliott and Brian Kush. On each episode of Leading Possibilities, they...

How Can I Make Sure This Year is Better Than Last

There’s a huge shift in transitional energy around this time of year. It’s time to reflect on the past year and move onto the next! Was this year great? Not so great? How can we learn from the past year so we can positively transition...

LP: Too Busy to Grow as a Leader?

Are you too busy for leadership growth? Sarah and Brian give their thoughts on how you can slow down and reflect with intention. It might be a little easier than you think! Check out their coaching program at http://www.intend2lead.com and reach out with...

LP – Too Much To Do, Too Little Time!

Don’t fall into the mentality of thinking time is not on your side – take your power back and choose to not get overwhelmed. Sarah and Brian walk you through the steps to retrain your brain into taking control over your constant battle...

LP: Developing Business NOT Like a Rainmaker

Does business development stress you out because you’re not like the other rainmakers in the office?? Intend2Lead’s Sarah Elliott and Brian Kush take you back into the realm of what is possible and how you can develop business your own...

LP: Why Does Selling Feel So Hard?!?

Every wonder why so many accountants struggle with making sales? It’s time to step back into the Dimension of Possible and get some answers from Intend2Lead’s Sarah Elliott and Brian Kush. On each episode of Leading Possibilities, they take...

LP: The Problem With Problem Solving

Are you ready to quantum-leap into the Dimension of Possible?! On this very first episode of Leading Possibilities, Intend2Lead’s Sarah Elliott and Brian Kush take on one of the biggest leadership challenges that accountants face: being so good at...
  • About The Hosts
Sarah believes the future of the accounting profession depends on our capacity to love. Through one-to-one coaching, group learning and consulting with organizations to create coaching cultures, she helps accountants access the Dimension of Possible: the place where fear is no longer the enemy.

She is an author, speaker and instructor on coaching and leadership development and an advocate for women in the accounting profession. Sarah also founded the Ellivate Alliance to provide women entrepreneurs the inspiration, practical know-how and like-minded community to accelerate their growth.

Prior to founding Intend2Lead and the Ellivate Alliance, Sarah consistently balanced client service, firm management and industry leadership throughout her career as a practicing CPA. She spent 10 years at PwC, where she performed a two-year rotation in their national office, and retired from her CPA career as the national audit partner-in-charge of a high-growth, regional CPA firm. Sarah has been recognized as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting by AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor for the past 4 years and one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting by Practice Ignition.

Brian believes in the power of intention – aligning your purpose with your actions.

Over the last twelve years, Brian has coached many accounting firm leaders to tap into their inherent power by becoming a stronger observer of their life and what holds the most meaning for them. From that broader lens of seeing the world, his clients can uncover new choices and actions and increase their capacity to lead others to more meaningful results. Brian spent the first 14 years of his career serving as a CPA and consultant at both Ernst and Young and AuditWatch. During that time, he realized coaching was the best and most natural way he could support and challenge others. He is a certified leadership coach (PCC) through the international Coach Federation, received a certificate in leadership coaching (CLC) from Georgetown University and authored the book, Auditing Leadership (Wiley, 2009).

In 2016, Brian co-founded Intend2Lead to coach accountants to access the Dimension of Possible, and he provides leadership coaching, group learning, and consulting with organizations across to country to create coaching cultures.