What is Evolve Now?

Evolve Now is an accounting content platform, made by accountants, for accountants. For the last several decades, other industry content has evolved and transformed, while accounting content still distributes boring articles with tax and audit updates. Such content provides little value that readers can actually apply in practice – plus, written content, while always important, is also extremely outdated and less engaging.

We focus on providing video content at a higher quality, more engaging than what you’ll find in other industry content platforms or magazines, and on topics that offer actually useful, valuable, and applicable insights. We want accountants and CPAs to gain the skills that are not taught at firm trainings or in college classrooms, because we know it is absolutely necessary in order bring the profession into the future.

Do I have to pay to watch?

Never. We believe the accounting profession is desperately in need of better content that doesn’t perpetuate the accountant stereotypes. Our weekly accounting video content will always be free to watch and share. We want the entire accounting industry to transform, and it starts with the content that we consume. Our inputs directly impact our reality.

To ensure our message and content of the future reaches as many people as possible, we have opted to make the platform free for all to watch, free to sign-up for our customized A.I. newsletter, and free to create an account.

What else does Evolve Now offer?

Beyond just gaining daily insights from our weekly video content and thought leadership messages, Evolve Now builds out annual training programs for Continuing Professional Education [CPE] credit, that issue a certificate of completion or graduation “badge” that you can add to your LinkedIn or put on your resume when done. Each program is individually priced based on the subject, length, and depth of the content. The program is not designed to simply offer CPE, but rather to provide an applicable skill training, so that you can get a full and in-depth understanding of the information provided by the regular video content.

The goal of our programs are not just to provide CPE hours needed to maintain your requirements – it is to give you the knowledge and skills that will make you a more valuable advisor, employee, manager, or firm leader. We know you’ll get a majority of your CPE from conferences or corporate training, which handle the technical knowledge; that’s why we focus on offering CPE content and programs that cover the areas that are missing, and we do so in an engaging way through higher quality video content. Those that join our annual programs subscription will also receive access to Prolaera for free, and will maintain access each year the subscription is renewed.

Many Evolve Now thought leaders have also developed entire coaching programs, groups, and consulting that can be enrolled in on an individual or enterprise level. These will help take the insights and information from the normal video content, build upon the knowledge gained from the skills training CPE programs, and coach and mentor you or your firm through applying it all to your daily life, career, or business.

Is there any other benefit I get from signing up with Evolve Now?

Besides getting custom curated content sent directly to your inbox for free, and gaining valuable insights from the top industry thought leaders via our free video content, signing up to the Evolve Now newsletter will add your email to our preferred partners discount list, which well enable you to receive discounts when you sign up for affiliated services or products that we have specifically chosen to work with due to their commitment towards a better accounting future. To see our list of preferred partners with promo codes or discount instructions, click here and make sure you subscribe to our A.I. mailing list so that our partner’s know you’re dedicated toward investing in your future, not just interested in getting a discounted product or service.

Additionally, each Skills Training CPE Program will be linked to a related partner’s service or product that will offer a one-time special promotion only accessible through that training program. We carefully vet who we partner with and what we offer so that only that which truly aligns with our mission and the future of accounting is utilized.

Why don’t you put your videos on YouTube?

We put some of our videos on YouTube if we think the topic is critical for a wider audience to see, however, since our content is made by accountants, for accountants, specifically, it doesn’t make sense to be part of a the same platform that is filled with distracting videos of all sorts. When you take the time to invest in yourself, you need to do so with complete focus. That’s why we don’t have advertisements on website providing distraction, or unrelated content that takes away from your development journey. Our content is specifically curated and we want to make sure it provides the maximum experience for those who want to learn and invest in themselves – not just the viewership of those who happened to stumble across the video.

I am a firm, organization, or association and would like to have a certain topic presented; can Evolve Now provide a speaker or presenter?

We house some of the industry’s brightest minds, leading experts, and top thought leaders who have spoken at conferences, events, and webinars across the globe. Just about any topic you can think of, from cybersecurity, to blockchain, to marketing, to personal development, and more, our speakers can present on.

You can hire or partner with Evolve Now if you are a group looking to truly make an impact for your audience and showcase what the future of accounting content looks like. Click here to contact us about booking one of our industry thought leaders. You can also download our most recent speaker packet, which includes just a few of our speakers and standard presentations that we are typically asked to deliver given current industry trends.

Never go searching for hours, days, or even weeks across the internet to find the right thought leader to present at your next event – Evolve Now has the most extensive and fully connected thought leadership influencer network in the accounting profession.

I am a thought leader, or have an insight into the industry that I want to present, how can I be part of the Evolve Now thought leadership community?

We are always looking top industry influencers and thought leaders to join our network, because we believe radical change starts with innovative ideas being seen, heard, and showcased. If you want to be a guest on one of our shows, fill out our Guest Thought Leader Form. Feel free to reach out on social media as well to get our attention! Once the industry recognizes you as a valued thought leader on our shows and platform, your influence and reach will consistently expand. As part of our network, we’ll also align any speaking or presenting opportunities that fit your area of expertise.

I have a question that wasn’t addressed here.

If you still are curious about Evolve Now, please feel free to reach out to us on social media or contact us and we will respond as soon as possible!