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LIFT: Don’t Fall For The Monkey Trap

Special Guest Alert! Our time traveler Paul Latham is met by Brian Bosley of Torch Consulting, who provides performance coaching, speaking, and consulting for leaders and individuals looking to participate in behavioral change. This is specifically applicable to the accounting profession, where change is very hesitant to take place. Learn the...
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We make a lot of video content, and we know that sometimes a lot of options can leave you unsure of where to start. So to make it a little easier, we picked out some of our favorite videos from all of our shows. Check out some of our recommended content, specifically selected for you by our hosts and thought leaders.
Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result. Don’t be insane! Start making changes today, and share this with someone else who needs to hear it! Want to never miss a new episode? Follow @EvolveNowOnline on all social media platforms and join...
It's time to Turn Up! And we're not just talking about the economy! This week, Carly breaks down the Wine, Liquor, and Spirits industry! Have an industry you want to know some more about?! Premium Subscribers can submit their requested industries to have them presented in a future episode! The...
Do you think there will be a massive data breach on an accounting firm via vendor software in the upcoming two years? Our master of all things cybersecurity and liability, Joe Brunsman, thinks so! It won’t be a major player – they’re too secure; however, it’s very likely that smaller software...
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