Do you think there will be a massive data breach on an accounting firm via vendor software in the upcoming two years? Our master of all things cybersecurity and liability, Joe Brunsman, thinks so!

It won’t be a major player – they’re too secure; however, it’s very likely that smaller software companies or start-ups who offer software to accounting firms will be targeted because of the sensitivity of the data that accounting firms possess. Did you know that your firm is liable if one of your software vendors is breached though? There is a lot to plan for, anticipate, and think about when it comes to your responsibility – know your laws, and get some insights from Joe on what you can do to stay safe.

On Masters of Innovation, you’ll get the insights into the things you probably should be paying attention to, but likely are overlooking – whether it’s information technology, liabilities, cybersecurity, new software, or new legislation, you’ll want to stop in each week to get your dose of knowledge from Evolve Now’s resident expert Joe Brunsman.

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