Attention company leaders! If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk!

Nothing is more frustrating to millennials than companies that are inauthentic – or in other words, those who talk a big game but don’t back up anything they’re claiming to be about with real action. So many companies are trying to stay on top of trends and give of the appearance of being all about employee work culture, while not actually implementating or going through with the policies changes they claim to be making! They’ll do small things like have a pizza party or make the office have buzz words on the walls, but they don’t actually pay attention to what the employees want – and that’s a less stressful time doing their job (which is what most of the day is spent doing!).

A company that builds websites can’t have a bad website. A firm that tells their clients they need to be digital can’t still be stuck using paper. These misalignments frustrate millennials to no end – so make sure you don’t fall on the side of the spectrum where not only are your employees disengaged, frustrated, and unproductive, but actually are annoyed and undermining your business.

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