Although there is a big push for remote work and more freedom and liberty at the individual employee level, structure is still desired, however it should have flexibility built in. A hybrid approach to structure with wiggle room may be the solution that will maximize efficiency and productivity, and make your employees, clients, or families the happiest. This can and should be applied to all aspects of life, beyond just business – have a plan, but also be prepared to adapt. Sometimes you may find a quicker or better route to your destination along the way, while still keeping your overall mission and structure in place.

@TheRappingCPA hypothesizes the notion of a semi-structured workplan and work environment, and overall life set-up with built in flexibility infrastructure, with founder of, Terrell Turner, CPA. Rather than having a binary approach: either you work following a strict set of rules, or you work in your own way; we suggest that a better solution is forming some sort of hybrid approach that enables quick decision making according to set guidance while allowing thinking on the fly through adaptability and flexibility.

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