Many people believe that it those who are actors, or look good on camera, have natural talent. While there certainly is a certain level of natural ability that varies person to person, there is nothing that can’t be learned, practiced, and trained to get to an advanced level on. Nobody is born with the ability to do accounting – we learn and master it, just like any other skill. So, why haven’t accountants and CPAs considered learning additional skills in order to become more diverse in their abilities? We discuss the changing profession and overcoming adaptation fears on this episode of the CPA Perspective Podcast, with guest Terrell Turner.

Terrell Turner is a CPA and the Senior Partner of the TLTurner Group; a firm focused on providing consulting and training services to make accounting and finance less complicated, for business owners and executives. He is also the founder and host of the Business Talk Library; a professional content show that features interviews with CEOs, executives and Ph.D researchers in accounting, finance and various aspects of business. Prior to launching his firm in 2020, he served in several finance and accounting leadership roles with Ernst & Young, Navistar Inc., General Electric, and Passport Inc. in both North and South America.

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