With each new year, the IRS comes out with their new list of the 12 most popular scams to watch out for – or as we like to call them, The Dirty Dozen!

Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll go through these and let you know what you need to watch out for – either for yourself, or for your clients! Don’t get caught with your pants down falling for one of these, or being susceptible to the liability that comes with being scammed or hacked. In Part 1, Joe tackles economic impact payments, unemployment fraud, and phishing attacks.

On Masters of Innovation, you’ll get the insights into the things you probably should be paying attention to, but likely are overlooking – whether it’s information technology, liabilities, cybersecurity, new software, or new legislation, you’ll want to stop in each week to get your dose of knowledge from Evolve Now’s resident expert Joe Brunsman.

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